Ace Barnes Hardware
Stadium: (734) 665-7555 Washtenaw: (734) 971-4555


Ace Barnes Hardware is celebrating over 65 years

Originally located on Michigan Ave, in Dearborn, Michigan, the first Barnes Hardware was opened by Ted Barnes Sr. in 1942. Ted Sr. had moved to Dearborn from Pennsylvania to make it big in the auto industry but found himself calling in hardware instead. In 1958, he moved the family and store to Ann Arbor, Michigan where Ted Sr. re-opened the store on Stadium Boulevard.

Ted Sr.’s two oldest boys, Ted Jr. and Robert joined the family business after they graduated from College. Soon thereafter Ted Sr. passed away and Ted Jr, and Robert became solo owners. In 1984 a second store was opened in Ann Arbor on Washtenaw Ave., which is managed by Ted’s Jr.’s oldest son Eric. In 2004, Ted and Robert closed the doors of the original Ann Arbor location that their Father built and moved down the street to its current location which is still on Stadium Boulevard.

Today there are both the second and third generations of the Barnes family working in the store and occasionally you will see the fourth generation running thru the aisles as well. Ted Jr., along with his wife Rita and 2 of their 4 children, Eric and Bridgett, work in the stores.

Rita runs the amazing housewares department at the Stadium store.  Ted and Rita's oldest child, Eric, is part owner and runs the store located on Washtenaw.  Bridgett works with her parents at the store located on Stadium, learning the ins and outs of the hardware business from her parents.  Bridgett was recently awarded Young Retailer of the Year 2010 by the National Hardware Retail Association .

Look for the fourth generation to be taking over the helm in future years!